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Vollna aggregate 4.9k Freelance Microsoft Excel Jobs freelance jobs in September 2021.

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Job Title Budget Published
Collect database of names and emails. Hourly 15 - 25 USD 2 minutes ago
Collect database of names and emails. Hourly 15 - 25 USD 10 minutes ago
Excel Document Fixed 30 - 250 USD 12 minutes ago
Google sheet work - Conditional formating (excel) Hourly 10 - 30 USD 16 minutes ago
sort through data in notepad and make excel sheet Fixed 10 - 30 USD 30 minutes ago
Long term continuous eBay research Fixed 100 USD 32 minutes ago
Generating a ARCGIS map of 38 drill holes and trenches Fixed 150 USD 32 minutes ago
Lead Scraping for Realtors Fixed 40 USD 58 minutes ago
Returned Postcard – Scrub Excel Spreadsheets Fixed 35 USD 1 hour ago
General VA admin Hourly 3 - 6 USD 1 hour ago
Admin. assistance and Excel User Hourly 15 - 25 USD 1 hour ago