Frequently Asked Questions

About Vollna

Vollna is a tool that helps freelancers get new projects efficiently. It was built by a freelancer along with his personal struggles and hardships as a remote-worker. Seeing its potential to help millions of freelancers around the world, Vollna was presented in a small community in Eastern Europe for testing. After receiving a lot of positive feedback from freelancers who tested and use the website, Vollna was launched globally.

Vollna’s goal is simple. We aim to simplify the whole freelancing job search journey for freelancers. We believe that freelancers can earn more by providing them an efficient way to manage their job search.

At Vollna, you no longer have to sign in to different websites to check out the latest jobs. We will get all the matching and relevant jobs from UpWork, Peopleperhour and Guru and send them all straight to your inbox or you can view them all in one dashboard. One access, no switching tabs, goodbye to non-stop scrolling and get more time to apply and start earning!

How can I simplify a freelance job search process?

Easy peasy! Follow our process to simplify the job search process!

  1. Sign up and get access to a personal dashboard
  2. Set up the filter with all requirements that fit your skills: keywords, budget, categories, etc.
  3. Choose preferred notifications channel: get alert right into your inbox or get the notifications on Slack, Telegram or your favorite RSS-reader. We also do CRM API integration.
  4. Done! Forget about tab switching and job feed scrolling. Get paid for your real work.

Do you provide freelance job?

No, we don’t consider ourselves as a job board or job aggregator. We don’t get paid by employers or companies to publish their jobs. We collect real time data from several freelancing websites at the same time and send them to your email address.

Where do you get the projects and gigs that we receive in our email?

Currently, we get the jobs from,, and We are planning to do add more websites in the next few months. We don't work with LinkedIn or Facebook job listings.

Do I need a freelance account to use Vollna?

You need to create an account with us to view the jobs in one dashboard. And you also need an account on the freelance website to place your bid on a certain project.

I'm looking for writing/data entry/virtual assistant jobs. Can Vollna help me?

Yes. Freelancing websites published over 15k projects every day. On average, 30% of the jobs are writing projects

Why I should use your service? I can search job for myself.

Yes, you can. But with 15K projects published every day, we know it will be a hassle for you to actually filter and find that perfect job that matches your skills and requirements in less than an hour or even less. We also have notifications that allows you to place a bid asap, which will have a good impact and increase your chances to get an offer upto 40%

Will it cost me?

Yes. We have our own developers who are working on improving Vollna and offer the best features for you. But we provide 14 days free trial with no limits, so you can try and decide if it fits your need. See our pricing and plans

I still have a question...

Don't be shy to ask our sales managers via this form.