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Vollna aggregate 6.7k Freelance Python Dev Jobs freelance jobs in September 2021.

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Job Title Budget Published
NFT Website builder and Smart contract Hourly 20 - 200 USD 9 minutes ago
AWS EC2 Cloudfront Devops: Set up redundancies on ec2 instances Hourly 40 - 100 USD 29 minutes ago
Python developer to help and evaluate NLP solutions (Text summarization) Hourly 46 minutes ago
Excel Developer/ data analyst Hourly 30 - 50 USD 58 minutes ago
SQL injection Expert - WAF bypass Hourly 30 - 70 USD 1 hour ago
Code up to an API and create application to pair data with scraped records Fixed 3,000 USD 1 hour ago
Python/React third party API implementation Fixed 250 - 750 USD 1 hour ago
Creating an Algorithm (Code) for Thread Art Hourly 15 - 30 USD 1 hour ago
Simple NFT Smart Contract Fixed 200 USD 2 hours ago
Machine Learning to Match Address Hourly 25 - 50 USD 2 hours ago
Building Simple Experiment Task with Eye Tracking Hourly 25 - 50 USD 2 hours ago
Inventory Management System in Python Flask Hourly 15 - 30 USD 2 hours ago
Universal MacOS Installer for Cryptocurrency Fixed 250 USD 2 hours ago
Placer, passer, scraper and licensce panel Fixed 250 - 750 USD 2 hours ago
Experienced expert Django developer 2 Hourly 2 hours ago
Run 2 Odoo server in same ubuntu server Fixed 10 - 30 USD 2 hours ago
Binance BOT Python Fixed 30 - 250 USD 2 hours ago