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Job Title Budget Published
Need updated XD screens implemented into our mobile app Hourly 18 - 30 USD 10 minutes ago
Mobile Design Improvements Hourly 20 - 65 USD 11 minutes ago
Flutter/firebase mobile/web application Hourly 17 minutes ago
Custom keyboard for Android and iOS Fixed 10 - 30 USD 43 minutes ago
Backend of New Year's app Hourly 27 - 50 USD 45 minutes ago
Prototype of New Year's app Hourly 24 - 45 USD 46 minutes ago
Flutter (Dart) Developer Hourly 80 - 120 USD 48 minutes ago
New Year's Android video app Hourly 39 - 40 USD 48 minutes ago
Fix svg file Fixed 10 - 30 USD 1 hour ago
Android app for video calling Hourly 24 - 45 USD 1 hour ago
Android Mobile Developer Project Fixed 30 - 250 EUR 1 hour ago
Bus Tracking for passengers App iOS/Android. Fixed 1,500 - 3,000 USD 1 hour ago
DASH TV 3.0 Fixed 30 - 250 USD 1 hour ago