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Vollna aggregate 1.9k Freelance SQL Jobs freelance jobs in September 2021.

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Job Title Budget Published
ASP.NET with Vb Development adding features to existing software Fixed 30 - 250 AUD 17 minutes ago
Financial and Alternative Database design and population Fixed 4,000 USD 55 minutes ago
Excel Developer/ data analyst Hourly 30 - 50 USD 1 hour ago
Database Structural Decision Fixed 30 - 50 USD 1 hour ago
SQL injection Expert - WAF bypass Hourly 30 - 70 USD 1 hour ago
API Platform needs C# .NET Developers with Blazor/React Hourly 2 hours ago
Backend engineer needed on Python / GraphQL Hourly 3 hours ago
Common portal of communication between companies and their employees Fixed 8,000 USD 3 hours ago
Computer Programming Back-End Developer for C# Hourly 27 - 50 USD 3 hours ago
PHP Developer for migrating 5.6 program to PHP 7 Hourly 13 - 30 USD 3 hours ago
Data / Database Engineer Hourly 27 - 60 USD 4 hours ago
Point of Sale Fixed 5,000 USD 4 hours ago
SQL Freelancer Fixed 10 - 50 USD 4 hours ago
Plotly Dash Dashboard Display Multiple Query Results Fixed 400 USD 4 hours ago
Looking for. Net Core web api developer Fixed 300 - 310 USD 5 hours ago
SQL script to apply values Fixed 10 - 30 USD 5 hours ago
SQL Developer Hourly 3 - 10 USD 5 hours ago