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The journalism job market is currently complicated. What’s an early-career, job-searching writer to do? Freelancing is a great option, but it is intimidating if you do not know where to start. If you are looking to make a living as a freelance journalist, you can start by browsing multiple freelance websites searching for freelance journalism jobs. Or you can try our professional job-monitoring service for free to quickly find the best freelance journalist jobs available. Register and apply now!

Vollna aggregate 668 Freelance Journalism Jobs freelance jobs in January 2022.

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Job Title Budget Published
Content Creator for writing WhitePapers, Blogs, eBooks Fixed 1,500 USD 4 minutes ago
Review journal stuff Fixed 50 USD 13 minutes ago
Journalist briefing document Fixed 10 USD 1 hour ago
Seeking Blockchain Technical Content Editor Fixed 5 USD 2 hours ago
Social Media Manager, blogger, and content creator Hourly 2 - 8 AUD 2 hours ago
Wordpress + Shopify Developer & Administrator Hourly 20 - 55 USD 3 hours ago
Business/Personal Finance Journalist Needed (1,000 - 2,000 word Posts) Fixed 200 USD 6 hours ago
Virtual Assistant / Research help Fixed 100 USD 7 hours ago
Proofreader Hourly 15 - 25 USD 8 hours ago
Tech, Business, Crypto Journalist, Writer Fixed 50 USD 9 hours ago
مطلوب نشر مقابلة صحفية في مواقع المجلات الالكترونية Press interview in the field of make-up and cosmetics Fixed 100 - 5,000 USD 9 hours ago
Public Relations expert and copy writer Hourly 20 - 100 USD 9 hours ago
Copy writer required for, Social Media accounts & Customer Service Fixed 250 USD 13 hours ago
Ghostwriter candidate to serve as a transcriptionist. Hourly 13 hours ago
Ghostwriter candidate to serve as a transcriptionist. Hourly 14 hours ago
Grant writer needed to polish proposal for the funding of NYC homeless outreach program Hourly 30 - 74 USD 14 hours ago
Deutscher Journalist für League of Legends Content Hourly 10 - 18 USD 15 hours ago
FULL-TIME PROOFREADER -120 Yr. Publishing Co. Hourly 22 - 25 USD 15 hours ago
English Gaming Journalist needed for VALORANT and/or Fortnite Hourly 10 - 18 USD 16 hours ago