How to Use Upwork RSS Feeds

Upwork allows you to create RSS feeds for your job searches.

This means, if a new job is posted on Upwork that you are interested in, and you’re monitoring that RSS feed, you can receive notifications and apply as fast as possible.

How to Create RSS Feeds in Upwork

There are 2 places in Upwork you can create a RSS feed.

On the home screen, and on the advanced job search screen.

I’ll explain both, but I recommend you create your RSS feeds from the advanced job search screen.

Home Screen

If you have already saved some job searches, then you can click the circle with the 3-dots, and there’ll be an option to open an RSS feed.

How to find Upwork RSS feed

Example: Where you’ll find the RSS feed for a saved search on your home screen

Important: If you select a filter on the home screen, the RSS will be different, so make sure you’ve selected the correct feed.

You’ll copy-paste the RSS feed into your favorite RSS feeder, and then you can monitor the RSS feeds off the platform.

Advanced Job Search Screen

The dedicated job search page is the powerhouse for finding your ideal jobs on Upwork.

First, do your search, and add your necessary filters.

I’d recommend saving the search, so it shows up on your Upwork feed, and you can edit it in the future.

Where To Find Upwork RSS Feed

Example: Where to find the RSS feed for a search on the job search screen

Again, you’ll see the circle with 3-dots. If click the circle, you’ll have the open of opening the RSS feed for that specific search.

Important: For each new filter you add to the advanced job search, the generated RSS feed will change. So if you decide to add another location to your filter, or change the budget range, you’ll need to save and use the new RSS feed.


RSS feeds are offered all over the internet to help users stay up-to-date with that website’s content.

How it works is you give a RSS feed reader the URL and it’ll either show you the most recent content, or it’ll send you notifications.

Upwork offers RSS feeds for your saved job searches, and you can use that RSS feed to receive notifications so you can be one of the first people (or even the first) to respond to the job and increase your chances of winning.

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