Updated: May 07, 2023

Feature roadmap

  • ✅ Add 'Exclude Categories' filter attribute. (March 26)
  • ✅ Add Upwork skills as filter attribute. (March 29)
  • ✅ Advanced Notification Messages for Telegram & Slack: Show more information with actions to interact directly from messenger app. (May 7)
  • ✅ Teams: create and join teams, collaborate with your teammates, manage access to filters, etc. (April 26)
  • ✅ Implement usage-based notification access for freemium users (subscriptin-based users will have unlimited notifications). (April 26)
  • Work hours for notifications: customize alerts on specific days of a week, different times, and more.
  • Universal filter that merges multiple filters into a single feed.
  • Create a public link for the project feed to allow sharing of filters with others.
  • New profile settings to select date & time format to show on site, eg. 14:30 or 2.30 PM.
  • 🔨 Chrome Extension

Known issues / fixing soon

  • ✅ Budget attribute filter by minimum price. (March 29)
  • Fix issue where one of two filters, opened in separate tabs, fails to function.
  • Categories option shows outdated items in the dropdown.

* ✅ — done and available on site.
* 🔨 — work in progress.

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