How to Earn More Money Freelancing

Updated: April 10, 2024
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Today, many people are discussing the feast or famine dilemma of freelance jobs. On the one hand, income instability and the need to find customers are the top drawbacks to performing freelancing work. On the other hand, schedule flexibility and the ability to earn extra money are the top drivers of switching to freelance. So the trick here is to keep the right balance between these two aspects.

Undoubtedly, there is always a high season when you have more work, and a low season when there are fewer tasks for you to perform. During those “silent” times, some freelancers work on their passion projects, while the others are thinking of generating new freelance ideas to make money. It seems that the only solution is to start working more, right? Wrong! In this case, you could soon burn out and lose out on money and all the benefits of freelancing in the long run. Or you can come up with something brand new. That is why, in this posting, we will talk about some of the best freelance earning methods to help you multiply your self-employed income. Ready to get to know how to make more money as a freelancer? So let’s get started!

How to Make More Money as a Freelancer?

  1. Find more customers
    Well, this is an obvious solution, isn’t it? The best way to add more customers to your plate is to find job listings on websites like Upwork or other similar freelance platforms. Just create an upwork profile, and make it discoverable to the types of offers you want to work on by showcasing the value you can bring to your potential customers. We will discuss the ways to make your profile stand out in one of our future articles.
  2. Define what your perfect customer looks like
    After you’ve created a profile, define exactly who you are willing to work with. Do you want to focus on large-scale online software projects to earn money, or you’d prefer to create websites for small local businesses? Ask yourself the following questions to develop a clear image of your ideal freelance customer:
    • As a candidate, can I be attractive for the company I am interested in working for?
    • If so, can they afford to hire me?
    • What businesses have the issues I’m solving with my service?
    Answering these questions can help you better target within your own niche.
  3. Focus on high-value offerings
    Cut out the low-paid offers and focus on those where you get a better payment. With time and experience, you will learn which projects pay well without taking the most of your mental energy and time.
  4. Create your credibility
    Generally, there are numerous credibility boosters out there that allow you to create your credibility within your niche. Aside from collaborating with influencers and generating high-quality content, you can also start increasing your visibility by lining up speaking engagements, creating online courses, or even writing an ebook. The wider you showcast your message, the more impact it will create in the minds of your customers.
  5. Determine your rate
    After you’ve established your credibility, it is time to think of how much to charge for your freelance assistance. You will have no trouble setting high rates for your work as long as you deliver consistent value to your customers.
  6. Upsell current customers
    If you already have a healthy workload, you don’t necessarily need to start looking for more projects. Instead, you can start a dialogue to discuss a higher rate/budget or find out if there are other projects where your current customer could use your professional assistance.
  7. Level up your skills
    Highly trained freelance workers get paid much better for doing the same job. So acquiring new skills is the best method to differentiate yourself among a sea of competitors, and hence justify your higher rates.
  8. Create a passive income
    If you are a freelance photographer or designer, you can also upload your works to stock websites like Shutterstock to monetize your work for extra income.
  9. Build a portfolio website
    Portfolio websites are the perfect way for you to spark interest and convince potential customers by highlighting your relevant experiences and showcasing your expertise. If you want to be taken seriously by employers, you should really get one.
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Tips to Earn More Money Freelancing

  • Try to receive payment upfront
    Believe us, getting at least 50% upfront will significantly reduce disagreement or conflict in the long run. Just explain that it is a company policy and go for it.
  • Start freelancing before your quit your full-time job
    We recommend you to start developing your side income plan while you are still working full-time. Having a day job will allow you to stay selective with your offerings.
  • Streamline your workflow
    For freelancers, time literally is money. The more you streamline your workflow, the more you can earn in less time. For example, with tools like Vollna you can make your search for new freelance projects much more quick and efficient.
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To Wrap it Up

In a nutshell, in order to earn more as a freelance worker, you need to first identify what activities can bring you the most money, and then prioritize them.