11 Best Websites To Find WordPress Jobs

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WordPress is a well-known multinational platform where people make millions of dollars each year simply by creating a business website or blogging website. It helps bloggers, ecommerce sellers, and entrepreneurs worldwide grow their businesses and reach career heights. But what if you are a freelancer who has nothing to sell except your skills and expertise? Is it possible for you to start earning for living using WordPress? Yes, it surely is! In fact, building a freelance career through WordPress is already the choice of thousands if not millions of freelancers from the US and the UK. In this post, we have compiled some of the best WordPress jobs websites for those of you who are about to start out with this popular platform. So let’s dig in!

What is this WordPress Thing?

Wordpress is a global php-based CMS that allows you to create a website or blog with ease. But this is far not the end! Apart from providing an effective website-building functionality, it offers numerous development opportunities, blogging gigs, and part time remote Wordpress jobs. Besides, there are numerous flexible freelancing career opportunities and a huge community to start with. So if you are thinking how do I start a freelancing career with Wordpress, here's how. Read on to find out how to land your perfect WP job.

Best Websites To Find WordPress Jobs

1. FlexJobs

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Just as its name suggests, FlexJobs is a freelancing job board with numerous entry level wordpress jobs remote and full-time. There is plenty of work out there! However, their sorting feature turns out to be a bit wonky, so we’d recommend you to double check all projects you are interested in. Or you can use a specialized job filtering service that can protect you from fraud and risky customers.

2. Krop

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Actually, this is a job board website for designers. However, it also has a great number of high-quality WordPress jobs for you. Especially, if you design Wordpress themes for professional websites.


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WPMUDEV is a great place to find part-time WP jobs. But if you want a job for a full time living, you might want to consider searching elsewhere.

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This platform requires you to put some time into the application process. But once you are accepted, it provides you with a decent number of WP jobs from high-quality clients with a minimum $60/hour rate.

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If you’re a true digital nomad, Remote OK has lots of Wordpress coding jobs available for you. In contrast to WPMUDEV, it is largely focused on full-time WP projects.

6. WPJobs

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This is a WP job listing board that takes WordPress jobs from Indeed and presents them in a more readable format. WP Jobs also allows you to set email notifications to alert you when new jobs are posted.

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WP Hired comes with advanced filtering options to let you search for a perfect WP job by category, location, or keywords. All opportunities there skew towards full-time projects.

WordPress Jobs on Freelance Marketplaces

Apart from the websites listed above, there are also freelance job marketplaces containing tons of WordPress work. These include:

  • Fiverr
    With Fiverr, you can make a side income selling basic WordPress services like theme setup and plugin configurations.
  • PeoplePerHour
    PeoplePerHour offers a great deal of various WP job opportunities to freelancers, however, the competition might be a bit tough due to a great number of users there.
  • Freelancer
    This platform comes with more than 1K different WP jobs available across a variety of fields.
  • Upwork
    This is probably the biggest job marketplace packed with dozens of WordPress projects.

Looks scary, huh? If you want to save you time browsing through all those websites and marketplaces, you can always create your own filter to get all the newest projects in a single dashboard.

Create Your Own Filter

To Wrap It Up

As you can see, there are countless WordPress opportunities online. So basically all you have to do is to start looking in the right places.